Rugby Ohio is excited to announce a new initiative for our athletes during the 2022 spring season. The “Rugger of the Week” will be posted via Instagram (@rugbyohio) story and will be saved to the archive section on the profile’s page.  The goal of this segment is to provide an opportunity to spotlight our spectacular high school girls and boys.  We kindly ask you to nominate a rugby player by direct messaging @rugbyohio on Instagram.  Nominations should include the candidate’s name, team, position, and a fun fact.  This honor will be posted every Friday during the season.  We would like to emphasize that the nominations do not need to focus solely on performance-based results on the pitch. Rather, we encourage those to spotlight other “off the pitch” accomplishments, such as academic excellence.  For example, someone may earn “Rugger of the Week” whether he/she made a fifty-yard conversion or just became an Eagle Scout!  This is designed to be a flexible and fun way to give our athletes some exposure, so please spread the word and feel free to reach out!

Gallery of Ruggers