How Rugby Ohio can help:

  • Supplies – Rugby Ohio provides a ball bag with 8 appropriately sized rugby balls and 20 flag belts.  You shouldn’t need any other equipment.  Each bag is valued at $300; limited inventory available at any one time.
  • Lesson Plans – Rugby Ohio worked with current Ohio PE teachers to develop a 6-lesson plan unit, complete with procedure, academic language, learning targets, standard references and outcomes.
  • Support – Rugby Ohio has hundreds of certified, screened youth rugby coaches throughout the state.  If you’d like someone who can answer your questions and/or come into your first session (assuming school district allows this), we can provide that for you.
  • Contact – Reach out to or call 440-941-2181 if you have any questions!

How you can help Rugby Ohio:

  • Colleagues – We’d appreciate the opportunity to share this with other PE teachers and after-school programs.
  • Camps – Based on the timing of your implementation, Rugby Ohio would ask you to help schedule a free camp in your area.  We’ll use that same network of coaches to run the camp, based on your input for what you think the group would enjoy.
  • Feedback – What worked well for you and what didn’t.  We will adapt the program over time to ensure that it is successful and easy for you, and others like you, to implement.
  • Testimonials – Why should another PE teacher or after-school program add rugby to their offerings?  Submit any testimonials here.

Additional Information/Resources

This was a great addition to my regular PE activities!  Kids enjoy any chance to learn, try something new and have fun!


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