Rugby Ohio is excited to announce that we will be hosting the very first annual Buckeye Invitational rugby tournament this summer. We will be working with Darree Fields in Dublin, Ohio in order to offer 6 pristine grass fields to accommodate the many games that will be played throughout the weekend.

The goal of the Buckeye Invitational is to bring together select sides from across the nation to compete with each other in one high level tournament. We will be inviting national team and other high level select side scouts, as well as college coaches, to come scout the tournament for players. It will be an excellent recruiting tool for these programs, and it will provide all participating players with the opportunity to be seen and considered for said programs.

The tournament will consist of 5 divisions: Boys High School Tier 1, Boys High School Tier 2, Girls High School Tier 1, Girls High School Tier 2, and Boys Middle School Open. The Tier 1 divisions are intended to be for those teams wishing to compete at the highest level in the nation, while the Tier 2 divisions offer competition for teams who may not consider themselves strong enough for the Tier 1 division. Our goal is for each participating team to play 4 games: 2 on Saturday for seeding, and 2 knockout style on Sunday to determine a champion in each division.

Salty Thompson, Director of Eagle Impact Rugby Academy and former USA High School All American coach, said about the tournament, “[I am] glad to see this event taking shape and offering the opportunity for a range of all star teams to compete across multiple age bands. With the RCTs gone, this is an event that fills the void and should be attractive for a significant number of state selects and academy type programs.”

Tournament registration is now open, and we highly encourage interested teams to sign up as soon as possible, as each division has a maximum of 12 available spots. Please visit here for more details and hotel information.