Learn the “5 Rs” of concussion awareness

Rugby Ohio places player welfare and safety at the top of our priorities. Especially when speaking about concussions and/or head injuries. Our concussion policy is intended to follow World Rugby regulation 10, and follows the “5 Rs” of concussion awareness: Recognize, Remove, Refer, Recover and Return.

Rugby Ohio’s policy requires that all rugby players, coaches, referees, staff, parents, volunteers and even fans follow these five basic steps when dealing with suspected concussion:

  1. Recognize – Learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion so you can understand when an athlete might have a suspected concussion.

  2. Remove – If an athlete has a concussion or even a suspected concussion that they must be removed from play immediately.

  3. Refer – Once removed from play, the player should be referred immediately to a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions.

  4. Recover – Full recovery from the concussion is required before return to play is authorized.  This includes being symptom-free. rest and some specific treatment options are critical for the health of the injured athlete.

  5. Return – In order for safe return to play in rugby, the athlete must be symptom-free and cleared in writing by a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions.

Official Rugby Ohio Concussion Policy

  1. ​If a player shows symptoms of concussion before, during or after a match, that player must be removed from play immediately, not to return during the match.  No Exceptions.

  2. The player needs to be evaluated by appropriate medical staff. Best practice would be evaluation by a medical physician who has training in concussion evaluation and management. A player must do this before returning to play rugby in any form.

  3. If a concussion is diagnosed, that player must sit out of activity with full rest for the minimum guidelines listed: Youth and High School players – 2 weeks (14 full days) and be symptom free before beginning the 5 day Graduated Return to Play Protocols, not returning to contact rugby before GRTP is fully complete and the player remains symptom free.

  4. Once a player is cleared by a physician, they should be closely monitored for any lingering symptoms by coaches, parents, teammates and medical staff and be removed from play immediately if symptoms occur.