Rugby Ohio firmly believes in making Rugby available to all who want to play. Reduced dues grants and scholarships are available to those in need to help lower the cost of the Rugby Ohio annual registration fee without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or status.

Rugby Ohio High School Player Scholarships

Kevin Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Kevin Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund will award (2) $1,000 College Scholarships on an annual basis to (2) deserving players from the Rugby Ohio High School Community in memory of Kevin Fox. Kevin was a member of Brunswick Rugby who passed away too soon.  His team and family along with Rugby Ohio helped establish the Kevin Fox Scholarship fund in his memory to help other rugby players continue their education after graduation.

Follow these steps to apply to the Kevin Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund.

  1. Applicants are to submit a 300 word essay to their head coach who will forward to the scholarship committee by May 1.
  2. The essay should express what being a rugby club member and player has done to make the applicant better.  The committee will be looking for self reflection and how rugby and its values/ethics have impacted them as person.  Grammar and spelling counts as well.
  3. The committee also asks that the coach and captain report on the day to day activities that the applicant   that they are sincerely “walking the walking” and not just writing the essay for the money.  Their recommendations will also be taken into consideration as part of the application process.
  4. Applicants please be sure to include your Name, Address, email, phone number, team you play for and the name of College you will be attending.  The Committee may contact you to further interview you. Awards will be announced at the State Championship at the end of the season.

Rugby Ohio High School Player Grants

Grant recipients must:

  • Must be a current High School student
  • Complete grant application at least 7 days prior to anticipated registration
  • Volunteer a minimum of four hours at any Rugby Ohio event, ex: State Championship Tournament, outreach programs. or you can Volunteer four hours for a local rugby event or youth rugby program. *Recipients must designate volunteer preference on grant application
  • Provide supporting documentation if requested
  • Must not be under Rugby Ohio disciplinary suspension

Follow these steps to submit a grant application:

  1. If repeat applicant, you must provide proof (dates and events) that you fulfilled your previous season’s volunteer obligations
  2. Complete and submit the online application; or, print, complete and return hardcopy of application.
  3. Rugby Ohio will process the grant application within 7 days and inform applicant by email
  4. (If a partial grant is awarded), the recipient will need to pay the balance to complete registration