Teams are divided between single school programs and competitive club programs. “Single school” is defined as having a minimum of 18 players from the same school district registered to the team and no less than 85% of the entire club being from that same school district. If your team meets this definition, it will be a single school team. If it doesn’t, it will be a competitive club team.

For the boys competition, we have selected four teams across the state to compete divisionally (not at the conference level) in our Super D1. This was based on history of the program, number of players registered, financial support from the team’s school or community, etc. The teams in the Super D1 will be Archbishop Moeller, St Edward, St Ignatius and St Xavier.

In addition to their locally played conference games, Super D1 teams will play each other once over the course of the season.

The balance of the teams will be divided into:

  • Single School Division 1 and Competitive Club Division 1
  • Single School Division 2 and Competitive Club Division 2

Those assignments will be made at the close of player registration. Assignments will be made based on the student population from all schools represented on the team’s registered player list.

Half of the single school teams with the highest student population are assigned to Single School D1. The other half of the single school teams with the lowest student population are assigned to Single School D2. The competitive club teams with the higher populations will be assigned to Competitive Club D1 and the half with lower populations will be assigned to Competitive Club D2.

Divisional Playoff Model

The Rugby Ohio playoffs will be structured much like OHSAA’s 2020 football playoff, every time will make the post season.

How will seeding work? We have developed a computer model similar to that used by OHSAA for their football seeding. An explanation of that model can be seen on the playoff seeding page here.

While this system is foreign to the rugby landscape, the players and their parents can understand this model as it has been used in high school sports in Ohio for decades. It will also be ‘speaking the same language’ as high school athletic directors and administration.

Since everyone is making the playoffs, the model isn’t eliminating anyone from the post season like H.S. athletes are accustomed to in OHSAA competitions. This will result in either a 2 or 3 week playoff for all boys and girls division. The first week of the playoffs may require teams to travel. Playoffs will be located in Columbus to make travel as convenient as possible for all teams.