Teams are divided between single school programs and competitive club programs. “Single school” is defined as having a minimum of 18 players from the same school district registered to the team and no less than 85% of the entire club being from that same school district. If your team meets this definition, it will be a single school team. If it doesn’t, it will be a competitive club team.

For the boys competition, there are four teams from across the state that compete divisionally (not at the conference level) in our Varsity and Varsity B. This is based on the history of the programs, number of players registered and  financial support from the team’s school.  The teams in the Varsity and Varsity B will be Archbishop Moeller, St Edward, St Ignatius and St Xavier.

Boys’ teams will compete in 5 divisions:

  • Varsity and Varsity B
  • Single School
  • Competitive Club
  • Flex League

Girls’ teams will compete in 2 divisions:

  • Single School
  • Competitive Club

These assignments are made based on prior year registration data. Assignments are made based on the student population from all schools represented on the team’s registered player list.

Divisional Playoffs

Every team has an opportunity to participate in the post season!

How does seeding work? Teams are assigned six league games that count for the standings.  A win is worth 4 points; a draw is worth 2; bonus points (1 each) are earned by scoring four or more tries in a game or losing a game by seven or less points.

Seeding charts are posted in the Rugby Xplorer app.  Be sure to follow your team, and any others you are interested in!  Click here for more information on how to do that.  Once you are following some teams, you’ll see an icon for ‘Comps.’ Select Rugby Ohio 2024 Spring 15s League Games and you’ll see a listing of Fixtures & Results and a tab for Ladder.

Quarterfinal games may require teams to travel. Semifinals and finals will be located in Columbus to make travel as convenient as possible for all teams.