Protective equipment and clothing guidelines can be a valuable part of the game. Ensure your team or player(s) are appropriately dressed before heading on the field. Each article of clothing is regulated by the law and in accordance of USA Rugby. If a team or player is using the wrong equipment, they will be asked to remove it immediately or forfeit their presence during the game. These guidelines are put in place to keep each player on the field safe. If you have questions or concerns please contact

2022-2023 Protective Equipment and Clothing Guidelines

  • There is no difference for the game of Sevens, Tens, Fifteens, beach or any contact rugby, of any age; illegal is illegal. These guidelines do not apply to non-contact rugby
  • If you have a question, contact USA Rugby for a clarification. The easiest overarching guideline to know if your item is permitted; ‘If it has anything with plastic or metal of any kind is not allowed.’
  • There are different policies for men and women, but very few differences. Chest padding is allowed for women, but not men. Tights are allowed. Hijab headscarves and turbans are allowed for men and women. Best practice is when the headscarf is worn under a scrum cap, but not required.
  • Please do not waver on these banned items; they are for the safety of all players. If a player cannot play without a banned item, they should not be playing contact rugby until healthy enough to participate without that item.
  • Cochlear Implants and hearing aids are permitted in community rugby, if worn underneath a scrumcap. They must be removed if no scrumcap is available.
  • Goggles are permitted when using the World Rugby approved goggles.
  • Banned items identification falls to every player and coach to police their own athletes and teams. The referee is only there as a final word on the item.