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What’s Included

The platform was developed by USA Youth & High School Rugby to help grassroots coaches.  Within the platform, coaches receive an extensive free curriculum that provides the appropriate skills, drills and games to utilize in practices.

World Rugby Activation Protocol

Provides coaches with the best exercises to prepare young athletes for training and injury prevention.

Core Curriculum

Customized to specific age groups with written cues, and instructions built into each drill, skill and gameplay video.

Weekly Coaching Tips

From renowned coaches such as Rod Kafer, Bob Dwyer and Mick Byrne.

All registered USA Rugby Youth & High School coaches have access to this free platform.

2023 account setup information for TRS has been sent to each club.  Please contact if you have any questions.

How to get the best from the Rugby Site

Grassroots Coaching – How TRS can help

Training & Certifications

Rugby Ohio requires completion of Level 1 Coach for all High School and Middle School Tackle Coaches

This workshop is aligned with the ARM (American Rugby Model) designed to continue the learning process and education of a coach with a focus on the progressive implementation.

The new coaching structure focuses on coaching the right thing at the right time with the best interest of the players at hand.  The Level 1 courses consist of a required prerequisite online session and a 1-day in person workshop.  The shift in theory in the new course gets coaches on the field with ample opportunity to put into practice their coaching style and technical application.  This course is aligned with the NFHS (National High School Federation), interscholastic coach certification and is required at a minimum for every USAR registered coach teaching the contact game.

The goal of this workshop is for coaches to refine their coaching skills and knowledge with a focus on teaching the technical aspects of the game through the use of games, questioning and progression. Throughout the workshop coaches will not only get hands on experience but participant in continuous feedback, evaluation and a peer review processes aimed at improving and creating more well rounded coaching approach.

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Build a Team

If you, or someone you know, is interested in building a youth or high school team contact us to learn how.