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Week 2 of High School Rugby Fall 7s

Sunday, October 3  

  • Northern – Vermilion Soccer Field Complex, 51400-51860 N Ridge Rd., Vermilion, OH 44089
  • Southern – Brimelow Fields, 6440 Stockton Rd., Fairfield OH 45014

Learn about this week’s high school match up and field assignments. Our volunteers will try to update this page in real-time with field alerts and final score updates.

Score Updates


NORTHERNField 1Field 1Field 1Field 1Field 2Field 2Field 2Field 2Field 3Field 3Field 3Field 3
10:00AMHighland Girls A32Mentor Girls A0Mentor Boys0Hudson Boys A32Toledo5John Marshall40
10:20AMBrunswick Girls A22St. Joes A5Perry Boys0St. Eds A32Mentor Girls C0Perrysburg Girls B36
10:40AMHighland Boys 0St. Eds B12Avon Lake0St Ig A31Hudson Girls B0Perrysburg Girls A14
11:00AMBrunswick Girls B10Amherst Girls14St Ig B34Hudson Boys B7Mentor Girls B10Highland Girls G27
11:20AMMentor BoysPerry BoysHudson Girls AMentor Girls A
11:40AMHighland Girls CMentor Girls CSt Joes AHighland Girls AToledoBrunswick C
12:00PMBrunswick Girls BPerrysburg Girls ASt Eds ASt Ig ABrecksville GirlsJohn Marshall
12:20PMHudson Girls ABrunswick Girls APerrysburg BoysHudson Boys BAvon LakeDublin Boys
12:40PMHighland Girls CPerrysburg Girls BHudson Boys AHighland BoysAmherst GirlsHighland Girls B
1:00PMSt Ignatius CPerrysburg Boys BSt Eds BMentor BoysHudson Girls BMentor Girls B
1:20PMBrecksville GirlsToledoSt Ig BSt Eds ASt Joes AMentor Girls A
1:40PMBrunswick Girls CMentor Girls CPerrysburg BoysHudson AJohn MarshallPerrysburg Girls B
2:00PMSt Eds BPerry BoysHighland BoysDublin BoysPerrysburg Girls AAmherst Girls
2:20PMHudson Boys BAvon Lake St Ig ASt Ig BHighland Girls AHudson Girls A
2:40PMBrecksville GirlsBrunswick Girls CHighland Girls BHudson Girls BMentor Girls BBrunswick B
3:00PMPerrysburg Boys BSt Ignatius CDublin BoysPerrysburg Boys


SOUTHERNField 1Field 1Field 1Field 1Field 2Field 2Field 2Field 2
1:00PMWithrowHillardDaytonSt Xavier A
2:00PMHilliardMoellerSt Xavier AWithrow
3:00PMDaytonHillardWalnutMoeller B
3:20PMMoeller ASt Xavier A
4:00PMHilliardWalnutMoeller BWithrow
4:20PMMoeller ADayton