Rugby Ohio Signs Contract with ORRS for 2020/2021 Season

February 5, 2021

USA Rugby and USA Youth & High School Rugby facilitated an agreement for the 2020/2021 season.  Summary of signed agreement terms include:

  • All high school teams will pay ORRS dues as follows
    • Each team will pay $20 per game to ORRS
      • The formula used to calculate game fees is $0.286/min/match, capped at $20 for a 70-minute match
    • Rugby Ohio is responsible for billing and collecting the fees from each team
    • Rugby Ohio must pay 50% of these dues, on behalf of the teams, to ORRS in April for all scheduled spring season games
    • Any team that does not pay will not be provided referees from ORRS
  • ORRS will only assign referees who pay dues to ORRS to RO matches
  • ORRS will be the only entity assigning referees to matches through the WhosTheRef software system
  • Matches must be scheduled at least 15 days in advance
  • Match fees must be paid to referees in the event of a cancellation or reschedule made within 24 hours in advance of game time
  • Each schedule change is an additional $50 fee on top of the regular rate

Rugby Ohio has recommended to both national bodies that a template be drafted to help all State Youth Rugby Organizations (SYRO) and referee societies find the right balance that considers the needs of all involved.

High School coaches are encouraged to use the fundraising platforms presented in the pre-season coaches’ meeting to help meet the increase in referee costs this season.