High School Conferences

Regional Conferences

Rugby Ohio has established regional conferences to simplify, streamline and bring consistency to regular season play. These new regions create a system that results in regular seasons that are as local as possible. Teams are assigned to divisions based on objective, rather than subjective, metrics.

Conference Names

There are five conferences throughout the state of Ohio. Each high school has been assigned to a regional conference to isolate travel to a specific area of the state.

  1. Black Swamp
  2. Western Reserve
  3. Greater Miami
  4. Capital City
  5. Mahoning Valley

Regardless of your regular season conference the divisional playoff bracket will be structured based on two criteria: single school and community club.

Conference Structure

Each of the five regional conferences have their own logo and brand colors. Rugby Ohio has categorized each high school team into a regional conference based on the team’s geographical location. Find your team’s conference in the charts below.

*Emerging Teams

Divisional Playoff Structure

The high school divisional playoffs will be shifted from a competitive balance to an opportunity balance based on objective metrics. We have divided the state into three groups: Super, Single School and Competitive Club programs.