We’ve already enjoyed more than 150 7s games in just 2 weeks!  Still more to come.  Great weather is in the forecast – let’s enjoy it while we’ve got it!

Please continue to take every opportunity to carpool.  There were far too many cars with a single driver in them this past weekend.  Dublin police were on hand.  Organizers do not want to see your car ticketed or towed.  We respect your choice to travel as you choose but also ask that you respect our limitations and at least join cars for the last mile of the trip.  We did not expect to have an additional hundred players this fall – it’s a great problem to have!

There will be a food truck in Dayton this week.

Thanks to all the hard working volunteers who make these events happen!

Week 3 Schedule

Dayton Rugby Grounds, 620 Shiloh Road, Dayton OH

Vermilion Soccer Complex, 51400-51600 N Ridge Rd, Vermilion OH